There are talkers – and there are doers.

When it comes to clean mobility, you could be forgiven to think that the entire world consists of talkers only.

We are looking at laboratory technologies while deadlines, that produce stiff financial penalties, start to produce painful consequences.

At the same time, with LNG we have a practical solution. If you produce it from renewable methane, it will be a real zero-emissions fuel. But even non-renewable LNG is a huge improvement on anything else we use now.

And the best advantage – it works in real-world operations as opposed to academic papers and laboratories only.

But who steps forward to make this a real thing?

Who will educate decision-makers, regulators and yes, the general population?

Who will bring the technology and service providers together with those who want to use LNG either as a fuel or make it to their business?

Who will draft regulation that competent bodies can take and turn into a coherent framework for clean mobility?

Will you do that?

Probably not. Then how do you believe that things will work out just OK for you? You must either believe in fairy tales or you are just being reckless.

No, it’s not your job and you won’t do that.

This is our job – because we can and because we do it already now.

Producing glossy reports and hosting an occasional meeting is not enough – LNG needs to be in everyone’s face, every day.

This is tough work and it gets us into lots of uncomfortable situations.

Did I mention that it costs money too?

How much have you spent on “LNG as a fuel” so far? Are you happy with how that investment performs? LNG Europe might bring your smiles back here.

You know the saying: “ Who pays peanuts, gets elephants“. It‘s hard to be nimble when having an elephant on your shoulders.

We need your financial support so we can do, what you won’t do. Be a member or at least donate some money in order to have a stake in the race towards cleaner heavy logistics for all of us.

See it this way – next time you face your superiors asking you how you deal with the LNG issue, you have something to tell them.

Enough words – your turn now.

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