LNG as fuel goes from pure theory to real thing now – even here in Europe. There simply is no other way in the long run. Ideally, this nascent market will be reigned over by an intelligent and coherent set of rules. Those should protect us all while giving the market a good incentive to grow. We assist politicians and civil servants alike with this task. Do you want to have your voice in this process? Talk to us.

A functioning market needs intelligent rules and regulations. Despite decades of LNG use in other countries, in many European countries, it’s still a novelty. Many of those building their first fueling station has to improvise and see what happens.

But when rules are made last minute, lots of side effects are produced, many of which are not conducive to the development of the LNG market. Markets abhor a vacuum and if there are no dedicated rules, the market will take whatever it finds and divert it from its intended use. Results are often less than ideal.

Examples are the parking rules for gas-fuelled vehicles, taxation, tolls, safety rules during storage and transport on rail, as well as on road, and many more.

LNG Europe helps all those making the rules on all levels, no matter if it’s new statutes, ordinances, or executive orders. If you regulate energy, environment, or transport, we are here for you.

LNG Europe works also pro-actively where it feels that certain rules must be amended or new ones must be taken. A well-regulated LNG market will thrive for the benefit of all people in Europe.