The transport and logistics business is under assault. The diesel scandal has put the mark of evil on their traditional backbone fuel. However, the often touted “solutions” Electric Vehicles and hydrogen both suffer from cost and numerous technical issues. An impossible quandary.

The only fuel that combines competitive economics with a very mature technological base and excellent environmental credentials is Liquefied Natural Gas or LNG. For the heavy transport sector, it’s the only viable alternative to diesel that’s currently realistically available.

LNG passes the most stringent emissions tests without any need for tuning or cheating. There is no range anxiety, the fueling process is as comfortable and as quick as it is for diesel, and if you really want to, it can be emissions-free.

The EU has put LNG into its 2025 TEN-T corridor package which states that LNG fueling infrastructure must be created at distances not exceeding 400 km from each other and at all inland ports.

In an ideal world, there would be no need for nudging. LNG is such a great solution that it should take Europe in a storm with no need to subsidize infrastructure. Sadly, the reality is far from ideal. The battery industry has created unrealistic expectations of the future performance of Electric Vehicles so everyone sits and waits while precious time is being lost. And politicians play it safe for them while doing nothing.

Time we cannot afford to lose.

Transport is not only exposed to the diesel /v clean fuels issue. It’s also one of the most cutthroat industries where players have to compete on razor-thin margins. Uncertainty with regards to engine technologies and transport platforms translates into incalculable costs which have to be borne by all of us. Ignorance about the most potent solution we have costs time and time is money.

This is where LNG Europe comes in. We are no place where sterile research produces papers only the nerdiest experts glance over. We build a competence pool with a clear focus on efficient and practical solutions for the industry. This competence pool shall create the fertilizer for other regions and countries in Europe to emulate those that have already started to walk the LNG road.

Know How is market power. Europe has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a global hub for clean logistics and their underlying supply chains and technologies. LNG Europe wants to help companies that are interested in LNG as a fuel to service that market in order to inseminate their surroundings with their Know How.

Most of all, we want a clean environment to become more than just empty gestures by politicians.

Cleaner than a Tesla – efficient and inexpensive like a diesel. That’s LNG.