Most of the time, people don’t know what to make of LNG. Sometimes there is even a lot of disinformation – or Fake-News if you prefer that. At the same time, LNG is the most realistic and economical solution not only for the diesel crisis but also for reaching our climate goals. We offer information that can be easily digested. We will point our finger at where the real hurting issues are because clean air is worth it.

I don’t know it – so I don’t want it. It’s an old saying and there is much truth in it. Especially when it comes to LNG, there is a lot of incorrect information is circulating. This “fake news” but also the general ignorance about LNG and its properties make most potential users shun it.

As so very often, most of the phobias we have about LNG are unfounded. And we can prove that. But why believe us? Just make yourself an opinion. LNG Europe organizes informational events and we show you the real thing – actual LNG – right then and there. We will also allow you to grill us with as many questions as you like and we will enter any debate with opponents of LNG as long as the norms of mutual respect are being observed and hard facts are being recognized.

LNG has an outstandingly excellent track record when it comes to safety. It has been in use as fuel for more than 50 years now. LNG itself does not combust and hence it can also not explode. It’s non-toxic and does not corrode. When it spills, it does so harmlessly. It does not cause water pollution from oil, and if it ever ignites as a gas, it will burn with a hot but controlled flame. LNG is nothing but Natural Gas in a very cold state.

Just jump in at one of our info events. Build yourself an opinion. It’s clean, it’s safe and it’s technologically mature – great for almost any energetic use.