The president represents the association and is its supreme authority.

We care about efficient and quick management. In order to do that we have split responsibilities. Commercial management of LNG Europe will be assured by the General Secretary. This makes sure that the president may focus on the mission of the association.

The President

Mag. Rudolf Huber

Rudolf Huber is an entrepreneur and expert in the energy industry. He was first to promote the introduction of LNG as a fuel in Austria and one of the first in Central Europe. He has created or helped to create countless “Clean energy” initiatives on 4 continents. He is an advocate for methane-based fuels and is known as the “PitBull of LNG”. He is a sought-after expert for energy and geostrategy.

Rudolf is one of the founders of the Nigerian company eXcelerate Energy Group. This company distributes LPG in Western Africa and aims at establishing a small scale flare utilization and LNG as a fuel project in Nigeria. He has written countless articles on energy topics and has spoken at energy events and conferences on all continents. He runs the energy podcast “True Lies” and he also runs workshops on LNG contracts and project development for almost 10 years now.

Rudolf has obtained a Master in Taxation and Company Law at the faculty Jean Monnet, University Paris XI.

The General Secretary

Mag. Norbert Schwarz

Norbert Schwarz is a consultant in the energy and trading sector. Throughout the last 20 years, he has led and managed various teams, mostly with the objective to exploit the market opportunities that have come into existence with the European energy market liberalization. His focus was on solid organization and a slim but efficient structure.

Norbert is a trader by passion and he has a professional, rational and calm demeanor when it comes to game the market. Those personal qualities have assured above average results in operative trading throughout his long career.

Together with Rudolf Huber, Norbert has created an initiative for the introduction of a clean and economical alternative to diesel in Austria some years ago. 2019 he was the second co-founder of LNG Europe.

Norbert has obtained a Magister in Social and Economic Sciences at the WU-Wien and is a recognized expert for trading, logistics, and optimization.